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Holistic counseling – education is a mind body, wellness service beneficial to your whole being and lifestyle.  Stressful circumstances, personal relationships, cultural conditioning, emotional challenges and environments are a part of this mindful health model. As well as, creating awareness of your negative thought patterns, habits, behaviors and emotions. Expressive. art and journaling, two creative modalities, that may heal you are also offered here. Look around the site and contact me to talk about your questions and concerns……… It’s all about YOU!

Access Awareness LLC is about “Helping You, Help Your Self” 

You can get the support and guidance you need to make healthy choices!  Learn how to manage your mind body stress.

Below is a metaphor I use when trying to explain how holistic counseling works:.

Much like we learn to use tools and systems for home improvement, what I teach is how to use inner tools for self improvement. If you want to remodel your house, you have to gather information and  decide on an approach. You may choose a new color and light scheme, floor plan, move walls, rearrange counters, change furniture placement, and so on. You may have to discard outmoded items and replace them with new ones. The process may be a temporary inconvenience but you are doing it with the determination and commitment of improving your current living space.

Holistic counseling with Access Awareness LLC  provides a similar personal growth process. The space you are working within is your body, mind, spirit and emotions. A few areas of improvement we talk about are breathing, behaviors, habits, blocked energy, negative thoughts, feelings, fears, stress, community and cultural connections. Why wouldn’t you want to be emotionally and physically fit today and every day!

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