Expressive Art

As a facilitator in expressive art I incorporate this visual medium into a counseling session when a client chooses to combine it with our healing dialogue. Expressive art connects us to our own imagistic language through the pathway of our right brain and our body. When you give your brain a chance to relax and renew, you shift from a destructive patterning to a constuctive patterning. Expressive art allows us to easily access, release and  transform stress from our body-mind. When we eliminate stress we free our selves from negativity, opening the pathway to a positive and healthy energy flow.





Stress from our body-mind.


Suggested materials: pencils, paints, paper, collage, clay, etc.

Special Note: An artistic background is not required for expressive art. All that is necessary is your desire to express your thoughts and feelings imagistically.

Without criticism and judgement

there is space for acceptance.


Video music composed by accomplished song writer, nationally recognized accordionist, David DiGiuseppe.

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Expressive Art video music title: Mirth With Mischief

Journaling video music title: Following Nature’s Trail



expressive art drawing of house and family