Writing what you think and feel

It is plain and simple yet very powerful. The activity of journaling, expressive art or a combination of both connects your head, hands and heart while giving your thoughts and feelings a safe place to land.

A piece of paper and a pen will have new meaning once you
experience the effectiveness of this profound medium!! 

You can start right here with this four minute video entitled, Journal. Get your self settled with available pen and paper. A nice note book is suggested for ongoing journaling. Once you click the audio play button begin to write your words, your notes, your song. There are no sentence rules and no judgement.

  • What do you want to say?
  • Did something recently happen that keeps repeating in your mind?
  • Are you angry about something but feel no one is listening?
  • Do you feel happy and want to spell it out or mark this moment in time?

Journaling on a daily basis helps you become aware of your everyday experiences and relationships. Can you allot fifteen minutes a day to sit and write? Making this a commitment is making time for your self and most likely that is exactly what you need right now!

Take Time for You Right Now!

Just try it for five days, ten days or thirty. Take notice of how you feel before
you start and after you finish.

Video music composed by accomplished song writer, nationally recognized accordionist, David DiGiuseppe.

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Expressive Art video music title: Mirth With Mischief

Journaling video music title: Following Nature’s Trail



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