How Do You Process Your Emotions?

Ask Yourself…

  • What is going on for you right now? Are you happy?
  • Are you feeling depressed, stressed out, worn down and defeated?
  • Are you in relationship transition and feeling afraid to be alone?
  • Do your emotions vary, high to low, through out the day? Are you emotionally fit?
  • Is fear stronger than love when you make decisions?

Do you recognize any of these above stressors in your self and want to talk about it?

Are you ready to make new choices and change from the old, out-dated, thinking-feeling patterns for some new one’s? If so, then this becomes your starting point.

Sometimes I refer to it as the rock you are standing on, or your inner plateau, because this is the base from which you are living.

There is an inner layer of language that may seem new to you at first. Words like spiritual, whole, inner self, intuition, perception, senses, self expression, authenticity, creativity and of course many more. All which are unique to you yet at the same time this language is universal. This may also seem foreign at first, while listening from the outside, because it is not the norm of the everyday language. But once you begin to work with this dialogue and expression, it soon becomes very comforting and it becomes your place to come home to.

From the perspective of the inner you, you may begin to notice this language emerging from a familiar voice which guides you. This development leads to the inner layers of your self which are beginning to unfold. This unfolding is the process which leads you to a deeper relationship and understanding of self.

The relationship you have with your self is directly in line with your relationship to partners, family, friends, co workers, community and the world at large. It is like a mirror image.

As a counselor-educator my job during a session is to listen to you, pause at times, reflect what you are thinking/ feeling and guide you to a deeper understanding of who you are.  This is the counselor-client processing format for which we work together. This working relationship shapes and unfolds itself into your everyday relationships. As you begin to go deeper in understanding your feelings, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, shadow self and more your everyday chaos will transform into calm.

The relationship to Your Self

is a two part working system.

The depth of your internal self awareness


the depth of your external self awareness.