Frequently Asked Questions:

Why choose Holistic Counseling?

Holistic counseling uniquely combines standard talk therapy with discussion about your emotions driving your behaviors. The combination of thinking and feeling  allows the mind, body, spirit and emotions to work in unison instead of as separate energies.

What is the role of the counselor?

During each session, Donna’s role is to facilitate and guide each person, while modeling empathy, reflection, confidentiality and compassion.

What is the format of the session?

Each one hour session begins with a brief, meditative, breathing exercise. The client then discusses an issue of importance. It is during this time that  Donna will verbally reflect, validate and guide the client towards self awareness.

What is the client’s responsibility?

Once an appointment has been scheduled, the responsibility of the client is to follow through with the appointed time. Fee for service payment is due at the time of the counseling session.

I have to reschedule, what should I do?

A 24-hour advance cancellation call or email is appreciated.

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